A Non-surgical option for clear vision


A Non-surgical option for clear vision


Orthokeratology, Kildeer & Elgin, IL 

Orthokeratology, or ortho-k, is a surgery-free option for people who don’t want to wear contact lenses or glasses all day long. These specially designed contact lenses temporarily reshape your cornea, improving your vision.  

With ortho-k, you wear custom-fitted contact lenses at night while you sleep. In the morning, you remove the lenses and can see clearly without contacts or glasses. Ortho-k is completely reversible, and you can stop wearing them any time you want.  

Who is ortho-k for? 

Ortho-k is a great option for patients of all ages, including kids. It’s a non-surgical way to correct vision for those who don’t want to get LASIK or PRK or who are too young to have vision correction surgery. 

Along with offering clear vision without glasses or contacts, ortho-k will also slow down the progression of myopia in kids. 

How does ortho-k work? 

Your cornea tissue is very flexible, and wearing these lenses at night flattens the center of your cornea, changing the way light bends when it enters your eye. Our doctors will measure the surface of your cornea using an instrument called a corneal topographer, which maps out the shape and curves of your cornea (without touching your eye). Ortho-k lenses will then be specially designed to fit your eyes.   

These special lenses are rigid, gas-permeable lenses that are sturdy enough to reshape the cornea, but also allow oxygen through so your eye stays healthy. When the lenses are removed, the cornea remains flattened for a while, correcting your vision without glasses. If you stop wearing the lenses at night, your eyes will eventually go back to their original shape and your vision will return to its previous state. You will need to keep wearing the lenses regularly to maintain clear vision. 

How long does ortho-k take? 

It can take about two weeks or longer to attain the maximum vision correction with orthokeratology. However, some people notice a significant improvement in their vision within just a few days. In clinical studies of FDA-approved ortho-k lenses, most patients achieved 20/40 vision or better. 

Our doctors will schedule multiple visits with you and may change the ortho-k lens size, power, or fit to achieve your desired prescription. Once the ortho-k molds are finalized, you will continue to use the same retainer lenses each night to maintain the vision correction. 

Is orthokeratology safe? 

Ortho-k lenses, like any other contact lenses, have a higher risk of infection, especially for anyone who struggles with maintaining proper hand and contact lens hygiene. For this reason, ortho-k may be more dangerous than glasses if not used properly. 

If you’re considering ortho-k, it’s important to consult with our optometrists and schedule regular eye exams in Kildeer or Elgin. If you have no eye infections and maintain good eye hygiene, there is no limit to how long you can use ortho-k lenses. 

Is orthokeratology limited by age? 

There aren’t any age restrictions for orthokeratology like there are for refractive surgeries. Ortho-K can be used as an alternative to vision correction for both adults and children and for controlling myopia progression in younger patients. 

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